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Under the Awning

Welcome to Under the Awning!

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”. Booker T. Washington
The last six months have seen such heartache that we want to give you something to brighten your day.
After all, lifting someone else up is very often the best way to heal our own hearts. With this in mind,
we are highlighting two of our favorite companies this month. Their stories will surely lift your spirits!

Thistle Farms
Their motto is Love Heals

Thistle Farms is dedicated to helping women survivors of prostitution, addiction and trafficking.
These amazing women are part of a two year program that provides them with counseling, a safe
place to live, job skills training and an invitation into a lifelong sisterhood of love and support. Thistle
Farms understands that love is the most powerful force for change in the world. Visit their yummy café
and fabulous store the next time you’re in Nashville. We guarantee you will feel the love too!
Pizazz is honored to carry Thistle Farms’ beautiful line of bath and body products. Your purchase allows
us to continue to partner with these women. From bath soaks to body scrubs to hand wash these

products are incredible in more ways than one.


Their goal is to live in a world where poverty is overcome by dignified work, so families and communities

can thrive.

Karama’s gorgeous brass jewelry comes from Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. Kibera is located in
Nairobi, Kenya. It is there, in a tiny mud and tin workshop, that each piece is lovingly made by
exceptionally talented artisans. Karama understands that small businesses are key to job creation and
economic development. Lives are changed when people are offered the opportunity earn a living wage.
That is why Karama invests in product development and on the job training. This exceptional company
is especially committed to marginalized artisans, giving them a voice and a viable place in society.

Pizazz loves this jewelry and all that it represents.

Until we meet again Under the Awning!