About Us

Meet our owner, Brent Brewster!

Brent is a South Florida native with a sharp eye for all things fun and fashionable. After her two oldest daughters graduated high school and left for college, she started pursuing her dream to open a fun and funky gift shop. Pizazz Florida was born! Here’s the inside scoop!

What made you want to open Pizazz?

I’ve always loved fun gift shops. I love the idea of Pizazz being a place where women love to spend time either shopping with people they love or for people they love. At Pizazz we get to be a small part of so many life celebrations with our customers.  I’m so glad we decided to open this little shop!

What is it like working with your daughters?

Working with my daughters is a huge blessing. I can’t believe I get to do it. I think they love working at Pizazz as much as I do and a lot of times their ideas are better than mine.  I think having several generations in a business is a great idea. Working  with my daughters allows me to spend so much time with them (and my grandchildren) which I absolutely love!


What is your go to Pizazz gift?

Honestly, my go to Pizazz gift changes a lot.  We get new merchandise in weekly so it’s hard to choose one thing.  Recently it’s been our beautiful ring holders or our new incredibly popular soaps. We have such a variety that it would be hard not to find something that is just right!

What is the best part about your  job?

It is hard to say that one thing is the best part of my job. I truly love what I do. I love the people I work with and I love getting to know our customers. The atmosphere in Pizazz is so warm and easy going. We all have such a good time together no matter what we’re doing- helping our customers, pricing, cleaning or merchandising. I really do look forward to being there and miss it when I’m not.

What is one thing you want all of your customers to know?

One thing that I want all of our customers to know is how much I enjoy being part of their lives. Being a gift store we get to be a part of so many celebrations- weddings, babies, birthdays, retirements, and so many other milestones- big and small. I want our customers to know how much their life celebrations mean to us and that we are honored to share those important times with them in any way that we can.

Describe the atmosphere in Pizazz.

It is my hope that the atmosphere in Pizazz is always warm and friendly. We strive to make our customers feel comfortable and welcome.  We have fun at Pizazz and truly hope that our customers do as well. We want to be a place that women look forward to visiting not only to shop but because they truly enjoy being there.

What has been your best Pizazz moment so far?

I would be impossible for me to choose one best Pizazz moment.  There have been numerous “best moments” and I cherish them.  We will be eight years old on November 1 and there have been so many fun and amazing times over these almost eight years that I could seriously write a book!

Meet the Diva in Chief, Brooke Bell!

Brooke and her husband, Josh, moved back to South Florida after college, and shortly thereafter, Brooke joined the family business. In school, she studied broadcast journalism, and her fun, outgoing personality made her the perfect fit to be Diva in Chief at Pizazz. Brooke is a mom to Sydney and Teagan and a master of all things fun and fabulous!

What is it like to work with your mom?

I never thought I would work with my mom! We actually compliment each other really well with our taste in merchandise. We both have the same values of customer service and employee appreciation. We definitely have similar personalities and go head to head on some things, but in the end, we always agree and support each other in the decision made. She has become my best friend through working together, and I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be part of the Pizazz dream!

What is the best part about your job?

The absolute BEST part is that I get to work with my family and now get to work from home and be with my daughters. I am so grateful for the ability to be with my daughters everyday and spend time with my family working together toward the same goal. I also have to say that we have the best employees out there. They are so helpful and truly work as a team. I am grateful to have them as part of our family, and so thankful for their love of my Sydney and Teagan.

What is your go-to Pizazz gift?

I have to say my go to gift is definitely ENewton jewelry. It is one of our higher price points, but it is made with 14k gold and sterling silver. They also use real stones and swarovski crystals. The owner, Elizabeth, is a mom to triplets (yikes!) and so down to earth. It is all handmade in Atlanta, GA. You will see me wearing at least one piece, usually 6 or 7, every single day!

What is one thing you want your customers to know?

How much we value and appreciate them!! Pizazz has been and will always be a small, local business. We have our hands in every aspect of our business and want to know what our customers are liking and not liking. If it weren’t for their support to “shop small”, Pizazz would have been gone a long time ago. I want them to know that we live right here in Coral Springs and want to know them! We want to support their events and charities and hear about their lives. Come by not just to shop, but to chat and be part of the Pizazz family!

Describe the atmosphere in Pizazz.

Funky! We try to have things you can’t find anywhere else. We carry many handmade items and try to support as many American businesses as possible. We love when customers walk in and say, “This is my favorite store! It is the best place for a gift!” We want our customers to know we are the go to place for that perfect gift or if you just need some zen time to walk around and look; we are your spot!

What has been your best Pizazz moment so far?

I would have to say my “moment” every year is the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It is our single busiest day of the year. The best part is it is ALL men! They come in and say, “my wife loves this place, what should I get her?” It is the day that we get to meet so many husbands, sons and dads to the customers we love so much. They come in and tell us all about the mom in their lives and why she is special. It is such a crazy but precious day. Definitely the moment I look forward to all year long.

Meet the Director of Marketing and Blog Author, Baylor Knott!

Baylor is the one who got away. She and her husband, Adam, live in Birmingham, Alabama. After teaching English for eight years, Baylor stepped out of the classroom when they brought their son Bradley home from Ethiopia. Just eight short months later, their daughter Asher was born. She now stays home with the kiddos full time while doing the writing and marketing for Pizazz.

What is it like to work with your family?

It’s awesome! I was a middle school English teacher for eight years, so this is a huge change of pace for me. But I love it. My mom and sister are two of my favorite people, and it is so fun to brainstorm with them to figure out what is best for Pizazz and our customers. Plus, we get to shop together at market each year, which is always a blast.


What is the best part about your job?

Hands down the best part is working with my mom and Brooke. It’s wonderful to be in partnership with two women I admire and love so deeply. It has also been fun to have an official reason to be writing. It’s always been a hobby of mine, and it’s something I truly enjoy.

What is your go-to Pizazz gift?

This is a tough one. I’m going to say Rewined Candles. They are a fabulous gift and smell delicious. I especially recommend Pinot Grigio. It is divine! I’m always restocking when I’m in South Florida for a visit.

What is one thing you want your customers to know?

I want them to know how important they are! Long before I came on board as a Pizazz employee, I was helping out with buying for the store at market, so I can tell you firsthand that an incredible amount of customer consideration comes into play when we are buying for our Pizazz divas. We double and triple check our decisions to make sure that we are getting what our customers will love. And we have even been known to scrap an entire order and start over, just to make sure we have exactly what we think our divas will love.  You, dear ladies, are the driving force behind this business!

What has been your favorite Pizazz moment so far?

I am going to throw it back to the very beginning. It was our first Christmas being open. I was working at the Coconut Creek store on Christmas Eve when this sweet man came in looking for a gift for his wife. It was their first Christmas as husband and wife. He seemed so overwhelmed by all the choices, so I was able to talk with him and learn about his wife’s style and personality. We ended up settling on a beautiful bracelet for her. He walked out so happy. I love that I was a small part of that.